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Cristal clear image in the highest quality.

Streaming on mobile devices

Available at any time and from any place!


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FULL HD Quality

best quality!

We have hardware facilities so we are able to carry out any execution in Full HD quality. You can see every detail of the picture and hear every sound. live broadcast HD gives you Cristal clear image in the highest quality.

                                                      Player avaible on any web page

unlimited possibilities

LIVE broadcast event or concert can be viewed live on any indicated by you website. Delivered in the code page of our player is personalized through the use of appropriate colors, adding logos, texts, slogans, subtitles or any other necessary information. Our specialists adapt player to your needs in a few moments.

Complex photo and film

get back to your event!

Live broadcast is also an opportunity to record footage. Following your expectation we can prepare short reportage, to serve as your promotional material. We have experienced implementers picture and sound operators and photographers. Each event is realized from beginning to end.

                                                    Automatic adjustment of image quality

adaptive bitrate

Technology used by us to provide a stable internet transmissions of picture, sound and automatically adjusts image quality to the connection speed they have individual recipient, also respond to the changing number of viewers users. Thanks to the solutions we can guarantee the continuing issue without the effect of buffering material.

            Live chat

Ask questions during live broadcast!

This service allows you to engage in live discussions (during/while/at the same time live broadcast) and ask questions via traditional, written chat, on which we are awake the whole time. during the course of Internet transmission. Users can therefore date to share your experiences with watching events as well as ask questions to the chat moderator.

                                                           Multi language versions

several language tracks.

What we propose is live broadcasts, which reach further through innovative solution to expand the group of customers with the ability to broadcast in several languages, translated live.                            Are you interested in our offer?


And all clear!

Statistic system allows generation of general statistics as well as individual data analysis. You can analyze the number of viewers just after as well as any time during transmission.


To corporate archives

Instant transfer recorded footage immediately when you arrive LIVE broadcast The material is available for the customer to download from the server for a specified period of time.

LIVE broadcast

transmisje internetowetransmisje internetowe Warszawatransmisje internetowe firma

Why us?


years of experience in live broadcasts


performed transmissions


performed events

56 000+

the largest number of viewers

How we work ......in 3 steps

It is one of the most important moments for us. All the details live broadcast between us. It provides us with the implementation of online will be 100% satisfied the requirements of the customer.


we set all the details live broadcast including additional presentation elements such as access to transmission, the use of additional materials such as Power Point presentations, etc.


before the main transmission import all the materials and media to be used in streaming HD, check the correctness of Internet connections.

Live broadcast

despite the fact that the transmission is already online, our experts continue to watch over the correct course of the entire streaming, to keep monitoring the situation on both the server and directly on-site implementation.